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Rampal, Bagerhat


Find Bandabon Sanghos’ all recent notice here

# Title Action
1 ToR_Migrant Worker Research View
2 ToR_Organic Agriculture Training Module View
3 ToR_Baseline_Survey View
4 ToR_Annual Report_2023 View
5 TOR of trainig module View
6 RFQ Microcredit Software View
7 RFQ Motorcycle View
8 TOR Financial procurement policy review View
9 RFQ Computer Accessories View
10 TOR_Leaflet & Poster View
11 ToR for Policy Analyst_Land Rights View
12 ToR of Expert in developing communication materials and campaign message View
13 TOR_Video Documentary View
14 Request for quotation of microcredit finance management. View
15 RFQ_Selection of Communication and Documentation expert View
16 RFQ_Motorbike purchase_2022 View
17 Request of Quotation for computer and accessories 2022 View
18 Request for proposal of HR Consultant (20 June 2022) View
19 Request of quotation (RFQ)_Vehicle Purchase (March 8, 2022) View
20 TOR_Video Documentary View
21 ToR_scops of equality in property inheritance rights View
22 TOR_Jarigaan View
23 ToR_Baseline survey_Women’s Land Group View
24 Request of quotation (RFQ) for Internet Service View
25 Request of quotation (RFQ) for Tablets View
26 Request of quotation (RFQ) for Video Clips View
27 Request of quotation (RFQ) for bulk sms View
28 RFQ_Midterm audit View
29 ToR_Baseline-survey_VAWG View
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