Women Group and Feminist Leadership Development

Started with feminist approach by engaging women who face the worst forms of violence and discrimination regarding land and water-bodies ownership, race, natural disaster and are even expelled from their own lands and water-bodies but are forced to remain silent to raise their voice or ask for their rights. It has group-based structure and governance.

The foundation of Badabon Sangho is built on village-based women groups – primary tiers. Each of the groups has 50-60 members. So far, a total of 116 women groups are functional. Each group is run by a committee of 5 members (i.e., a) President, b) Vice-president, c) General Secretary, d) Treasurer, e) Organising Secretary) who are selected by the group members.

Next, a Women Federation is there (44 members) who are representing the 116 women groups’ leaders. In order to build the capacity of group leaders and members, series of coaching, sessions and training are going on. Women federation election is like festive and competitive one. Federation facilitates bi-monthly/quarterly meetings. In those meetings, members consult each of the issues and take strategic decisions for Badabon Sangho and organise collective actions. Collective actions includes protest, rallies and press conference to protect land, forest and water-bodies grabbing, gender-based violence, racial and natural water sources.


  • Facilitate 116 women groups with 2,975 members
  • Facilitate 02 women federations with 44 members
  • Facilitate two networks of women’s rights and women-led groups and organisations.
  • Facilitate courtyard sessions, coaching, meetings, strategic planning, retreat, learning-sharing workshops and annual planning
  • Conduct collective feminist action (press conference, rallies, assemblies)