Women Farmers Association

Rampal and Mongla are our working areas at the belt of the Bay of Bengal and Sundarban. Surrounding the thermal plant and sea port in Bangladesh, 57 private factories are there. On top of that climate change induced saline intrusion, commercial shrimp farming and tourism becoming challenges for riverine agro-based civilization. 77,714 acres of arable land, both of women and men owning and growing paddy, wheat and diverse vegetables. 30% of land is growing fish and crops together. Land extremely fertile, traditionally farmers depended on siltation. However, in the last couple of years farmers have been using chemical fertilizers. Global crisis and price hike of fertilizers put them in a difficult situation. Use of chemical inputs damaging relationships (water, plants, fish and people) and expelling women’s ownership. 

Given the situation, Badabon Sangho’s group members and leaders started to mobilize women farmers in both areas. These associations are mobilizing members, connecting with organic agriculture inputs and other services providers. Objective of the programme is to organise collective actions for transacting chemical farming to organic farming which is a regenerative economy. The election of the association would be organised in June 2023 and a new committee will take over the responsibilities. Following activities are going on: 
– Feminist leadership coaching
– Orientation on organic agriculture inputs 
– Control over on traditional seeds, pesticides and land 
– Orientation on regenerative economy and social ecology