Combat Violence against women/girls

Gender-based violence against women and girls programme recognized that change was based on complex processes which would unfold over, sometimes long, periods. Therefore, programme activities needed to encourage, empower, and inform women in the community. The programme, for this reason, worked closely with women groups’ leaders.  The programme addressed context specific gender-based violence as well, a) climate change induced violence; b) landownership induced violence; c) environment defenders and violence; d) violence against dalit women and girls.

Programme has been amplifying women’s voices that combined and collectively addressed land grabs and violence against women and girls with the ultimate goal of helping reduce the rates of both phenomena in their communities.  Tools included open dialogue, women federation meetings, citizen charter, meetings with police station, union councils, legal aid committee, land offices, protest, rallies and press conference.

  • Provide 100% legal and medical support to survivors
  • Facilitate training and coaching to group leaders on VAW and legal aid
  • Facilitate folksongs against VAW for wider public awareness 
  • Facilitate girls group-led campaign against forced/early girls’ marriage
  • Facilitate Girls Football team to combat violence against women and girls 
  • Facilitate girls group-led awareness on sexual and reproductive health rights
  • Organise collective actions (rallies, protest, assembles) against VAW
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