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Rampal, Bagerhat

Women’s action for climate justice programme organised capacity building training with indigenous women communities in Northwest region

The “Local Level Workshop and Capacity Building on Leadership and Champion Building” was held on 07 June 2024 in Potnitola, Naogaon, with women leaders. The workshop aimed to enhance women’s leadership capabilities, promote climate change awareness and sustainable livelihoods, and foster feminist thoughts.
Key sessions covered women’s rights and feminist ideologies, personal storytelling, learning about rights and women’s rights, expressing life stories through drawing, and discussions on identification of women and importance of land and water bodies. Additionally, sessions addressed women’s share of land in inheritance laws, land office and land ownership documents, and climate change impacts on women’s lives, leadership roles, conflict resolution, community building, and practical field training skills.
The workshop successfully increased participants’ understanding of their rights, boosted their leadership confidence, and increased climate change awareness. It also promoted community solidarity, encouraging participants to take on roles as catalysts for change in their communities.
Through its emphasis on leadership, rights education, and addressing climate change, the workshop equipped participants with valuable tools and knowledge to feminist thoughts.

Badabon Sangho

Badabon Sangho

Badadon Sangho is a women’s rights and women-led group, working for lower-caste, Dalit, single mothers, separated, widows, divorcees, religious minorities, and girls. It is (a non-profit and non-political organisation) governed by group members and federation.

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