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Rampal, Bagerhat

Public Meeting to Combat Hate Speech and Stigma Against Dalit Girls and Women Amid Covid-19

An interactive public meeting was arranged on 20th June 2021, at Bataga & Suvodia Union of Fakirhat sub-district in Bagerhat. Local Union Council Chairperson, Ward Member, School Teacher, Progressive Citizens, Farmers, Day Labours, Cobblers, Barbers, Cleaning Staff, and other general People sat together to discuss the necessary steps in combating hate speech, misinformation, and stigma amidst Covid-19.

After the welcome speech, Union Council Chairperson, Women Leaders, Youth Club’s members addressed the current situation and health hygiene management. The Covid-19 virus doesn’t distinguish between cast, race, class, and religion, it is common for all human, and that leaves no scope for the Dalit people to be the only carrier of this deadly virus- this massage was established among the participants by the end of the meeting. So, the Chairperson requested all to test their Covid status and take necessary steps whenever anyone’s feeling feverish or prone to other symptoms. They also emphasized the importance of campaigns to provide mass people with the correct information and raise awareness to get vaccinated on time.

According to this discussion, in the next few weeks, loudspeaker campaigns took place in order to prevent the misinformation regarding the pandemic.

Badabon Sangho

Badabon Sangho

Badadon Sangho is a women’s rights and women-led group, working for lower-caste, Dalit, single mothers, separated, widows, divorcees, religious minorities, and girls. It is (a non-profit and non-political organisation) governed by group members and federation.

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