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Rampal, Bagerhat

Facilitated training to women leaders on how to report GBV and safeguarding

A training was delivered to women leaders on how to report GBV and safeguarding April 23-24, 2024, at the CODEC Centre in Bagerhat. Objective was to educate women about their legal rights and equip them with tools to combat violence. Among the 29 participants, predominantly women—many of whom were leaders within Badabon Sangho—the sessions were facilitated by three lawyers.

Advocate Lipi led the first session, focusing on citizenship and social responsibility. Advocate Mehrunnessa then delved into the complexities of violence against women, emphasizing the significance of reporting such incidents and discussing various forms of abuse. Subsequent sessions explored communication strategies for raising awareness about violence against women and delved into legal aspects surrounding marriage, inheritance, and guardianship, facilitated by Advocate Jahangir Siddiqui. Additionally, Advocate Siddiqui provided insights into real-life cases of mobile phone-related violence and legal protections under the Bangladesh Digital Act. The final lap of the training concluded with a session led by Advocate Lipi, which focused on mental health support for women survivors. Participants expressed a desire for similar training for their husbands and provided feedback on the training’s positive aspects and areas for improvement. Key outcomes included increased awareness of women’s rights, as evidenced by eight reported incidents of violence, and a widespread recognition of inheritance rights and the potential dangers associated with mobile phone misuse. In essence, the training fostered empowerment, legal understanding, and proactive measures against gender-based violence.

Badabon Sangho

Badabon Sangho

Badadon Sangho is a women’s rights and women-led group, working for lower-caste, Dalit, single mothers, separated, widows, divorcees, religious minorities, and girls. It is (a non-profit and non-political organisation) governed by group members and federation.

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