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Rampal, Bagerhat

Facilitated organisational orientation training to newly recruited team members and volunteers

Organisational orientation was held on April 21-22, 2024, at the CODEC Centre in Bagerhat, aimed to educate newly recruited team members and volunteers on Badabon Sangho’s policies and programme and strategies including financial management, strategic plan, HR policy, safeguarding policy, risk register, conflict of interest, code of conduct, etc. Furthermore, sessions were facilitated on human rights, women’s rights, climate change, sustainable development, and gender-based violence. Attended by 16 female and 3 male team member and volunteers.

Assistant Professor Poonam Chakraborty from Khulna University, Umme Marjan Jui, Climate activist, Biphasa Chakraborti, Human Rights Activist and Rezwana Sultana were participated and facilitated sessions. Team members were engaged in-depth discussion on feminism and its principles. Sessions overviewed ongoing programs and introduced two new initiatives focused on adolescent activities and the rights of Dalit and tribal women. The workshop concluded with an evaluation revealing that 88% of participants gained a comprehensive understanding of Badaban Sangha’s activities, while 12% acquired a basic understanding.

Badabon Sangho

Badabon Sangho

Badadon Sangho is a women’s rights and women-led group, working for lower-caste, Dalit, single mothers, separated, widows, divorcees, religious minorities, and girls. It is (a non-profit and non-political organisation) governed by group members and federation.

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