Women's organisations and voices

We the group put heads together to facilitate local level protest events to protect property rights, access to water-bodies and drinking water, environmental justice and violence against women. In addition, continuous meetings, coaching and mentoring supports provide to committee members to enhance capacity in articulation, speaking and expression. A total of 3,320 women and girls were mobilised, organised and engaged in 66 women organisations.

  • Courtyard sessions
  • Leadership coaching
  • Protest events, rallies, meetings
  • Policy advocacy

An action research and advocacy project titled, `Our land and water, our life, our livelihood, our dignity‘ with funding support of Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) is implemented since October 2018. The action research document how women land owners are losing control over on land and access to water-bodies.  The action research is implementing in Rampal and Mongla Upazila (i.e. Mongla sea port areas) in Bagerhat district. Please visit: http://apwld.org/apwld-announces-new-partners-for-breaking-out-of-the-marginalisation-feminist-participatory-action-research/