Combat violence against women and girls


The project titled,  ‘Combat violence against women and girls’ is implementing with technical support of Govt. Legal Aid Committee since 2015. Badabon Sangho’s team and volunteers are communicating with local elected bodies, govt administration and court for legal aid assistance to survivors of violence against women. Badabon Sangho mobilise, organise and educate women in group approach, provide training sessions, linking with service providers and assist to claim their rights. Badabon Sangho is working with women and girls particularly single mothers, widowed, divorce, separated, disable, elderly, indigenous, Dalit and religious minorities who are vulnerable in terms of domestic and external violences. We stand alone with the vulnerable women and girls, taking all kind of necessary steps both socially and legal. So that survivors never think that she is alone. We facilitate women groups and federation to keep her with them. Badabon Sangho mobilised, organised and educated 1,250 women in 32 women groups using different communication materials.