About Us

Badabon Sangho is (a non-profit and non political organisation) working since June 2015 by a group of motivated and dedicated development activists in Southwest region of Bangladesh.

Our Vision

To establish a society based on freedom of expression, in which all people particularly women and girls have full and effective participation in the social and economic development process

Our Mission

To build up the capacity of disadvantaged, vulnerable and socially excluded peoples especially women and girls, towards improving their livelihoods and addressing other socio-economic issues in a participatory approach.

Strategic Areas

The socio-economic realities of targeted communities are really vulnerable due to climate change (i.e. salinity, cyclone, sea level raise), lack of income generating options and fragile cultural-social ethnicity. The targeted communities is living under poverty line and do not have access to sweet drinking water. Shrimp cultivation and extension of salinity have caused massscale occupational displacement and unemployment. Insecure livelihoods has caused dislocation in family structure with consequent multiplication of women headed households and intensification of poverty. Women has very little knowledge and control over land and property, while lots of private companies investing in lands. Target communities are failed to join in the economic activities due to lack of skill, finance and assets.

The traditional social security and ethnicity has been challenged by the growing economy, frequent disaster and unplanned urban settlement. The entire aforementioned situation is prevailing and has huge negative consequence on the lives of women and girls.

Legal Status

Badabon Sangho is registered with the Department of Social Services (registration number Bager 931/2016).

Equal Opportunities

Badabon Sangho is an Equal Opportunities employer. We do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, or any other social factor, in the selection or treatment of our staff.

Our Staff Structure

The organogram, (described in Human Resources Policy) displays our staff structure, including lines of management and communication.