Land and Water-bodies Rights

The organisation was formed with the passion and experiences we had during our journey to do something for our members i.e. women landowners and women fisher-folk in response to land and water-bodies rights abuse. We keep focus on feminist approach engaging members are facing the land disputes and become displaced which keeps them silent to ask for their rights. There is a direct relationship between women’s right to land and water-bodies, economic empowerment, and violence against women.

  • Ensuring members know their rights and understands the ownership documentation in courtyard sessions
  • Standing by women by organizing feminist collective actions like protest rallies, press conference, human chain for protecting women’s land grabbing 
  • Legal aid who need further support in realising their entitlement rights i.e. complaints, charge files, etc.  
  • Supporting members to access inheritance succession certificate and water-bodies lease
  • Mobilising and organising women groups, women rights organisations and voices
  • Collecting GIS-ODK data and preparing parcel map
  • Ensuring everyone can access the land administration; by bringing number of tools and methods.
  • Feminist Participatory Action Research
  • Organize Women Fisher-folk Association and Women’s Land Rights Network
  • Feminist actions for protecting river, mangrove, agriculture, and environment
  • Feminist actions for combating early and forced marriages

Currently integrated campaign and policy advocacy is facilitated on the issue of women’s inherited rights. In light of the feminist action research, findings are came out and documented. Women’s Land Rights Network is one of the platform that facilitating the advocacy.