Land and Water-bodies Rights

We the women groups mobilise, organise and leadership in defending and managing land, waterbodies and natural resources. In an area where land and waterbodies grabbing is rampant, providing land literacy to disadvantaged and socially excluded women and girls and addressing barriers of inheritance laws and local customs that prevent women’s land ownership.

  • Facilitate sessions on land literacy to claim land ownership
  • Provide land dispute mitigation assistance to women landowners
  • Document field experience
  • Policy advocacy on equal inheritance land rights

Women’s Waterbodies Rights

While women fisher folk’s communities lack of recognition, access to social safety net schemes and united platform, we facilitating women fisher-folk association and addressing barriers of National Waterbodies Management policy and practices.

  • Facilitate Joymoni women fisher-folk association
  • Facilitate fisher-folk-led revolving fund
  • Organize protest rallies protecting rivers, cannels and forests.

Women-led agriculture

Salinity, cyclone, floods and fogs damaging the agriculture and livelihoods, Badabon Sangho’s women farmers’ groups are working together by implementing organic farming, sharecropping and revolving funds.

  • Facilitate training on climate-smart agriculture tools and technologies
  • Facilitate saline tolerance and organic sharecropping
  • Support to facilitate group member-led revolving fund