Economic Rights

We the women groups put heads together to facilitate local level capacity building to protect our property rights and to increase income within climate change vulnerable areas. By implementing economic rights programme, members are engaged in sharecropping and organic agriculture. In some cases, women group-led revolving fund is being facilitated for vulnerable women and survivors. A total of 3,320 women and girls were mobilised, organised and engaged in 66 women organisations.

  • Supporting awareness activities in courtyard sessions
  • Building capacity of women in articulation, public speaking and communication
  • Group member-led revolving fund
  • Sharecropping in organic agriculture
  • Policy advocacy

Long-term programme is `Our land and water, our life, our livelihood, our dignity’ is implementing with funding support of different national and international organisations. Though the programme was initiated by a feminist participatory action research (FPAR), now it is involving women landowners and sharecroppers in economic activities.