Women's control over on land

The land parcel data collection and mapping programme implementing using open source Android mobile application. Land disputes are the second most prevalent problem in Bangladesh. The spatial details of the parcel will be collected with coordinates, in addition to capturing photos and images of relevant information – such as documents providing evidence of land rights. The para-surveyor will then send the digital map data to the open platform with boundary, size and owner information. The programme is supported and funded by HiiL Justice (non-profit organisation based Netherlands) since October 2018. Project location: Rampal, Bagerhat. Please visit: https://innovatingjustice.com/portfolio/bababon-sangho/

Badabon Sangho partnered with Cadasta Foundation to document, secure, and protect women’s land rights in southern Bangladesh. By partnering with Cadasta, Badabon staff were trained to collect and map property rights data using Cadasta’s tools and platform. Equipped with Cadasta’s tools and training, Badabon staff are now able to survey households to determine and document land held by women in the region. Through the documentation process, the group will also provide training to local women landowners to educate them of their legal land rights and how to obtain their land titles. By providing more accurate measurements of the women’s lands, they aim to make it easier for women to obtain their land titles and protect their property. The project location is Mongla and Rampal of Bagerhat district. Please visit: https://cadasta.org/partners/badabon-sangho/;


An Action Research project titled, `Our land and water, our life, our livelihood, our dignity‘ with funding support of Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) is implemented since October 2018. The action research will document how women land owners are losing control over on land and access to water-bodies.  The action research is implementing in Rampal and Mongla Upazila (i.e. Mongla sea port areas) in Bagerhat district. Please visit: http://apwld.org/apwld-announces-new-partners-for-breaking-out-of-the-marginalisation-feminist-participatory-action-research/


We are implementing awareness programme with women landowners in order to educate them on land literacy. Badabon Sangho is implementing the project with support of Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD) since 2017. Badabon Sangho’s team members are receiving trainings on `Land conflict resolution’, Land Laws’, Women’s land rights’, Land Governance’, Vested property return process’, State land settlement process’, Land titling and record’. ALRD supported to observe national and international days on rights of women land owners.