Who We Are

Badadon Sangho is women’s rights and women-led organisation, working for single mother, separated, widow, divorce, religious minorities and girls. It is (a non-profit and non political organisation) working by a group of motivated and dedicated women human rights activists in Southwest region of Bangladesh.

Where We Work


  • Bagerhat
  • Mongla
  • Rampal
  • Fakirhat


  • Kolapara


  • Mirpur
  • Keraniganj

Our Strategy

We making step change in putting women and girls at the centre of our thinking. Working directly with beneficiaries and service providers, we aim to be renowned for our commitment and investment in building women’s capacity development in order to ensure women’s access to and control over land, state

Our Projects

We the group develop and implement programme based on the needs and constraints of group, federation and network members. Group members are in the centre of programme thinking, which is linked with the women federation. The federation’s members are elected as the general and executive committee member of Badabon Sangho. Shrimp cultivation, land investment and extension of salinity have caused mass scale occupational and homestead displacement and unemployment. Insecure livelihoods has caused dislocation in family structure with consequent multiplication of women headed households, single mother, widow and separated. Women has very little knowledge and control over on land and access to state open water-bodies. 

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