Who We Are

Badabon Sangho is (a non-profit, non-political, women-led organisation) working since June 2015 by a group of motivated and dedicated development activists in Southwest region of Bangladesh.Women in climate change

Where We Work

We work in Bagerhat district targeting vulnerable women and girls particularly single mother, widow, separated, elderly, differently able, religious minority and indigenous women.

Our Approach

We believe that communities are best-suited to identify their needs, and the steps required to change their lives. We work to create economic options and self-reliance of grassroots women .

Our Projects

The socio-economic realities of targeted communities are really vulnerable due to climate change (i.e. salinity, cyclone, sea level raise), lack of income generating options and fragile cultural-social tradition. The targeted communities is living under poverty line and do not have access to sweet drinking water. Shrimp cultivation and extension of salinity have caused mass scale occupational and homestead displacement and unemployment. Insecure livelihoods has caused dislocation in family structure with consequent multiplication of women headed households, single mother, widow and separated. Women has very little knowledge and control over on land and access to state open water-bodies. At the same time, public and private land investment is going on. Considering the above mentioned issues, Badabon Sangho has been implementing number of projects. Projects include women’s control over on land, women’s access to water-bodies, climate change knowledge sharing, land mapping, end violence against women and girls, etc. Projects are supported by number of national and international grant making organisations.

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